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Owner FAQs

Answers to your common questions

Here are some FAQ from prospective landlords:

  • There are only 3 fees charged.
  • 1 month’s rent as a Marketing fee for approximate 12 month lease
  • 8% Management fee
  • $150 Admin fee to pay inspector to complete a move-in and move-out inspection
  • ONLY if a Renter renews, a 40% of 1 month’s rent on a 12 month lease Renewal fee is charged to renegotiate the lease (with any rent increase) and to do an inspection. ($399 for homes leasing under $1000)
  • ONLY if a Renter writes a lease for longer than a year, the 40% Renewal fee is charged up front on a 12 month lease, but the annual inspection still takes place.
  • The $250 Contingency fund is only for emergency repairs and goes back to you at termination of contract.
  • Remember, your home now becomes your business with all the deductions afforded to any small business owner.  What a low start up cost to launch a company!!
  • Does the leasing fee of the first month’s rent include all advertising and marketing costs or are those in addition?

    The 1 month’s rent covers ALL marketing. I have found Advantage Homes is in line with the KC competition. There are a couple of companies that charge less up front, but they do not have agents that show the homes. These companies make the prospect come to their office and “pay” to check out keys. In other words, they don’t take advantage of a “sales person” to market your home. Most KC Companies charge a full month’s rent to renew a lease vs. Advantage Homes 40% of a month’s rent for a 12 month lease.
  • What is the contingency fund?

    This is a fund kept on hand for emergency maintenance. Advantage Homes preferred vendors allow us to pay them out rent proceeds for routine maintenance calls. But occasionally and emergency arises that cannot be handle by our preferred vendors. In these rare cases, we hire a specialist (such a company to extract water from flooding). These companies expect to be paid at the time to service was performed. The contingency fund is always visible on your statement and any remaining portion (usually the entire amount) is returned to you at the end of the lease.
  • It looks like your contract is set up to encourage a minimum lease period of one year.

    Our average lease is 1 year. However, many renters will sign up for a longer term. When a prospective Renter wants a lease longer than 2 years, we add a clause stating the rent will increase by ____ % (3-5% depending a the market strength at that time). Any terms are approved by you, as the Owner.
  • How can you assure we won't have a vacancy?

    The average time for Advantage Homes to rent a home throughout the year is 45 days. In the spring through mid-summer months the time is usually much shorter. Our lease states Advantage Homes has 60 days to start showing the Property once a renter has given notice. We rarely have a vacancy once a Renter is in the Property due to the fact we have a full two months to find a new Renter.
  • Since I am getting ready to make a move myself, my furnishings are still at the home. Can they be left behind for the tenants use?

    We have not found a market for furnished homes. There are companies that rent furnished homes, but those companies furnish those homes themselves as another income source. Renters moving always have their own possessions and furniture.
  • Can we leave some of our boxes (or any other items) in the unfinished basement?

    It is best not. Most renters do not want to be responsible for possessions that are not theirs. Usually they need to space as well. No insurance will cover your possessions as the Renters will have renter’s insurance for their property, but you will have no coverage.
  • What is Advantage Homes’ pet policy?

    The vast majority of Americans have pets therefore not allowing pets makes your home virtually un-rentable. When a lease comes in, Advantage Homes gives you the option of what size & breed of pet you will accept and what we will charge as an additional pet deposit. Therefore we do not accepting listing that will not allow pets.
  • Since I live out of state, how will I know of outside repairs that need to be done to my home?

    Advantage Homes does periodic drive-bys of your Property. Advantage Homes does an annual inspection to see if there are signs of termites, wood-rot, gutter problems, etc. We email you photos of any repairs needed.
  • Since your office is Lenexa, how can a Renter get their rent to you on time?

    Renters can pay in person during business hours, use our drop-box after hours, mail rent to our address using labels we provide, sign up for direct debit, or pay by on-line banking.
  • How can you be certain a renter will take care of my home?

    Our lease is very specific with regard to renter maintenance. In addition, our property managers email renters periodic letters to remind them of seasonal maintenance. For instance, when winter is approaching, we remind the renters to unhook all exterior hoses to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Who has to pay if the renter stops up a toilet?

    Our Property Managers are trained in trouble-shooting. If the problem cannot be fixed over the phone with instructions, a vendor is sent. The Renter has the obligation (per their agreement to our lease terms) to pay for any repair or damage our professional vendors deem as Renter damage or negligence. A repair/replacement due to equipment failure is the cost of the Owner. (Ask your accountant about deducting these repairs as well as our fees.)
  • How do I know your handyman will do a professional job and not overcharge me?

    Advantage Homes only uses vendors whom are licensed, insured, & have workers comp. Due to the volume of business they receive from us, they give us reduced rates that are passed on to you, the Owner. We do not “up charge” the maintenance fees. You view the actual invoice from our on-line Property Management program.
  • How do I know if your lease will stand up in court?

    Advantage Homes adheres to the KS and MO Residential Landlord and Tenant acts. We use the Law Offices of Evans & Mullinix P.A. 913-962-8700, 7225 Renner Rd., Suite 200 Shawnee, KS 66217. Going to court is very rare, but when our lease has been tested, Advantage Homes has always won.
  • Why do you keep the late fees?

    When a check is returned to Advantage Homes, our bank (like all banks) charges us, which is why this fee is kept. Advantage Homes takes great care to collect all rents on time. However, we cannot always guarantee this and collecting rent is very costly. Our staff begins calling on late payers on the 3rd business day of the month.
    From there, any information given to us is dealt with in a timely manner. On the 7th day, the “3 Day Notices to Quit” are then prepared and posted. After the 3 days any information is processed and turned over to the attorney.
  • How do you know how much to charge a Renter when they move out? Do I have to paint each time?

    Advantage Homes protects you, as the Owner by hiring an inspector to take detailed notes on a written, 14 page inspection report. This report is followed up with copious, digital photos. Advantage Homes leaves nothing to chance. When a Renter gives notice to move, we do not tell them to “clean” their home; we send them a detailed check list that must be completed in order for them to receive back their deposit in full. Once the Renter is fully moved out and ready to hand in all keys and transmitters, they schedule their move-out walk through with our inspector. We use the original inspection so we know the exact condition of the Property at the time the Renters took possession. The Landlord Tenant Acts give us up-to 30 days to return any portion of the deposit. You should expect to paint your home every 3-5 years &replace carpet every 5-7 yrs.
  • Does the renter pay for utilities?

    Advantage Homes manages varied types of properties. In most cases the renter pays for any utilities not provided by your HOA. We ask the renter for the utility confirmation #s at the time they close. Once you have accepted a new renter we ask that you place all your utilities on Revert-to-Owner status. This way when the renter moves out, there will be no interruption of services.
  • Do I need to contact the City to inform them I will be renting out my property?

    Yes. Some cities requires Owners to obtain a city rental license. Advantage Homes recommends an Owner to always contact the city to find out each cities rules and regulations.
  • What type of rental properties do you manage?

    We manage residential real estate in the Kansas City Metro Area. This includes Johnson County, Jackson County, Wyandotte County, Miami County, Platte County, Cass County. We primarily manage 1 to 4 unit properties and are open to larger multifamily properties as well.
  • How much rent can I get for my house?

    Many factors can affect the rent price on a home, such as location, cleanliness, layout, etc. To receive a rental estimate as well as tips to obtain top dollar rent, please contact our office to set up an appointment.
  • How do you find renters?

    Homes are advertised on a network of rental web sites. All homes are also advertised on our company web site; with customers being driven to this site from all the major search engines, social media, affiliate real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other strategic web advertising. We do not recommend print media.
  • How long will it take to find a renter?

    Although there is no guarantee, homes are priced to get a lease signed within 1-6 weeks of the listing date.
  • Do your agents show our house?

    YES, our trained, professional agents personally show properties to potential tenants. These agents are trained to “close” the deal.
  • How do you qualify a tenant to rent my house?

    Tenant screening is the most crucial step in property management. We verify credit, employment, income, criminal background, and sex offender registries. We also obtain references from previous landlord/management.
  • How do you make sure homes are being taken care of?

    Homes are viewed routinely during maintenance calls, drive by inspections, and at least once a year during the renewal inspection.
  • What happens if a tenant stops paying rent?

    Our rent is due on the first of each month, and late as of the 2nd. We do not offer a grace period as it is our goal to obtain the rent as quickly as possible to be able to deposit your funds to you in a timely manner cover your mortgage payment. If a tenant falls behind, we immediately encourage you to approve the file to go to eviction. While we screen carefully to avoid this situation, this is a “people business” and sometimes a tenant falls behind. We believe swift action prevents greater damages.
  • Am I responsible for doing repairs?

    Yes. It is an Owners responsibility to keep the structure of the property as well as any included appliances in good, working order. However, our professional property managers handle the repairs for you.
  • How informed will I be about my property?

    Ultimately we assume you hired a property manager because you don’t want the headache. We communicate much more frequently during the leasing phase. Once a property is leased, we communicate minimally, usually only if a repair comes up. Of course you are always welcome to ask us any questions. We email out informative letters occasionally. You can find us on most Social Media.
  • Will I be notified about repairs?

    Yes. Advantage Homes utilizes an online management program, Propertyware, which notifies you by email when a work order has been submitted. Our property management team then goes to work. We begin by trying to walk the tenant through a repair. If the repair cannot be made by phone, we send a preferred contractor to complete the repair. Repairs will be completed, invoiced, and deducted from rental proceeds. A copy of the invoice is posted to your Propertyware account. If a repair is major; we do contact you to see if you want bids.
  • What do you charge for repairs?

    We do not own a maintenance company. We use licensed and insured repair professionals. Repair costs vary depending on skill level needed and time to complete. We work hard and fast to keep costs down and usually save owners 30-60% over using a contractor on your own. Advantage Homes for Lease does not “upcharge” any bill.
  • Do you markup the contractor’s price?

    No, you will ONLY be charged at the contractor’s price.
  • Can I use the contractor of my choice?

    Yes, it is your investment; we do ask that all contractors be licensed and insured.
  • Do I receive a check for collected rents?

    No, we direct deposit your funds to a bank account of your choice.
  • Do I pay the management fees and repairs separately?

    No, management fees and repair costs are deducted from collected rents, and then the proceeds are deposited to our owner/clients.
  • Do I receive a monthly statement?

    Yes, your statements are posted online on your Propertyware account. You can login at any time and down load any reports or invoices you choose.
  • Are you able to help me buy investment property?

    Yes. We have experienced Buyers Agents with full access to the MLS that can find great properties for you. We are able to search for regular properties or foreclosures, bank owned, etc. We make the process smooth and can even recommend repair companies if you need.
  • How soon can you list my home for rent?

    As soon as the Exclusive Property Management agreement is signed by all parties.

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